Wild Enterprise is our flagship program that equips individuals (micro-entrepreneurs), local leaders and villages with the necessary tools and resources needed for greater economic participation. We provide individuals and communities with the training, networks and monitoring to ensure business growth. Participants are supported with a thorough business case and appropriate marketing skills along with financial training.

The aim of the program is to develop resilient and sustainable rural communities that protect nature as our most lucrative asset. We do this by exploring, celebrating and implementing alternatives to low income employment from environmentally destructive industries, like illegal mining, logging and poaching.

Why enterprise?

Two of the most significant challenges that continue to hinder conservation, economic growth and social empowerment in remote communities are sustainable livelihood generation and market access.

The Wild Enterprise eco-incubator program empowers participants to create waste management, sustainable agriculture and responsible tourism enterprises. We track the journey of individuals or villages over the life of the business to make improvements to our model and enhance our support mechanisms at any chance.

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Why expeditions?

The more our business grows through offering curated, once in a lifetime experiences, embedded with new learning, skills and networks, the more we can invest directly into the communities of our partner destinations and have a stronger impact.

By 2020, VOPO will have hubs in all 5 of our key destinations, employing and training talented locals to lead these with the flavour of each culture, yet the backing and support from our unstoppable, combined force. That is VOPO Earth. We make our expeditions more mind-blowing with each experience, it is an obsession. Why not tidy up the planet at the same time.

Global Partners

Watch the journey

Where is the plastic coming from? What are the driving forces and systems at play behind the challenge of ocean pollution? How can we create solutions that stand the test of time? ⛵🌴 Charlotte Rose Mellis (@amor.earth), Director of VOPO Earth takes you on a journey through The Philippines with a team of participants from across the world.