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In the Philippines, Negros in particular, the thing you notice first, the thing that stays with you, is the people. They are perhaps the kindest and most inventive population we have ever met. When you get off the plane, you realise the good nature and intense past history that the people have lived through. You begin to understand the current socio-political landscape and the diversity in thought.

Recognising this, we made sure, when setting the various natural and cultural spectacles for this expedition, to jack things up, make sure that the crew had no idea what was coming. Intense. Natural. And always real.

If you are looking to immerse yourself in the Negros Island with a crew of adventurers while working in sustainable development projects then perhaps the Negros Inhabit Impact Adventure would be perfect for you.

Upcoming Expeditions

The Philippines

EARTH VOYAGE 19 Jan - 28 Jan 2020

After a successful Expedition through Negros in December 2018, we will return to the Philippines ready to undertake the implementation phase of the VOPO #RoguePlastic project. Based on the findings from the scouting trip and the Expedition, you have the opportunity to be involved in a pioneering initiative that will promote and support sustainable enterprise and policy in the region.

Rogue Plastic

Did you know that more than 80% of ocean plastic pollution comes from land-based sources? Developing countries have experience a recent economic boom and large demand for consumer goods products yet they do not have the waste technology, systems and education to support it. For this, much of the plastic waste ends up in the oceans. VOPO works with communities to introduce waste technologies, systems and education programs that create a clean environment and a plastic-free ocean.

We are introducing and supporting waste technologies, innovations and systems that stop plastic from entering the oceans.

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Supporting Philippine Reef and Rainforest Conservation Foundation


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Freediving in pristine, protected reefs.


Venture to undiscovered, remote islands


Immerse yourself in creative Brainmelt sessions


Mabuhay: Welcome! Cheers! (Celebration).

Steads lang: It's all good... Chill...

Grabe: The word comes from Spanish 'grave' and locally means serious, exceptional, extreme, too much!.

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Vedge Health Hub
Delicious local food cooked veggie.

Danjugan Island
Wholesome dishes using mindful products cooked by an old buddhist monk.