Welcome to an untapped paradise, a sanctuary for life and a pristine region on the verge of critical, sustainable ecotourism. 

The Solomon Islands boasts some of the world’s richest marine life. It is one of only six countries in the 'Coral Triangle', a region with extremely high diversity of coral and fish species. The Arnavon Community Marine Park - the first National Park in Solomon Islands - is a a very special place. It protects 15,900 hectares of land and sea, including three small uninhabited islands, flourishing reefs, fish-filled lagoons, and beaches that are home to thousands of hawksbill sea turtles.

Upcoming Expeditions


Solomon Islands

4 Jul - 13 Jul 2018

Through our travels, we let a lot of extraordinary landscapes vanish into a blur outside the windows. One moment present, the other, gone. On this journey, you will enter a realm vastly different from your typical holiday, in some of the most pristine, undeveloped places.

Together with Kawaki women (comprised of the Manning Strait tribes), we will be continuing a special journey which started in Australia at Natures Leading Women


Solomon Islands

20 Jul - 29 Jul 2019

This experience will be physically challenging, mentally stimulating and spiritually abundant. You will be exposed to the true wilderness of exquisite Solomon reefs and jungle, in areas rarely traversed.

Our organisations spent extensive time together, developing an ecotourism enterprise solution which provides livelihood to the community and protects the wilderness of these remote Solomon Islands.

Wild Enterprise

We works with remote communities to create and support sustainable businesses. We provide capacity training, experience development and a market link for small, remote communities. 

To establish income streams through sustainable business for remote communities.


Arnavons Eco Camp


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