To improve the wellbeing of underserved communities through the implementation of waste microsolutions and critical systems for a proud and clean environment.


To impact 500,000 lives and in the process create 5 community waste enterprises and clean 5 communities in the next 5 years.


In each of the areas we work with, we follow our impact methodology:

  1. Knowledge Exchange & Community Mobilisation

  2. Waste Enterprise Community Workshop

  3. Optimisation of Waste Storage and Transport System

  4. Technical Design of Waste Technology

  5. Installation of Waste Technology

  6. Community Training on Technology Maintenance

  7. Waste Reduction Education Programs

  8. Monthly Reporting on Generation & Composition

  9. Impact Assessment

A few Rogue Plastic projects:


Zero Waste Sari Sari Store

Plastic-to-Energy Microplant in Mentawai


Remote Arnavon Islands Waste Management

Kerehikapa Island Sustainable Tourism Waste Policy

Remote Microdump Leachate Strategy