A major priority for us is the safety of our participants, expedition leaders and operators.

For this, we monitor world events very closely. VOPO makes operational decisions based on informed advice from a number of sources. 

Careful selection of leaders

Our leaders are responsible for the safety and supervision of each Expedition team. Wilderness First Aid qualified, 25+ years of age and with experience in the developing world, our expedition leaders are seasoned facilitators. Our leaders work with the team to develop group dynamics prior to departure and actively facilitate sessions while overseas.

Careful selection of destinations

Our destinations comply with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Australia safety ratings. Before departing on the expedition, country and regions are risk assessed by our Operations team. VOPO is fully equipped to divert a team before and during a trip to an alternative if required.

Careful selection of local partners and global network

Our extensive local and global networks of partners, leaders and contacts keeps us informed and up-to-date on all local situations in which we operate. Our participant's safety is of the utmost priority and we rely on these networks to allow us to make the operational decisions necessary to keep our trips running safely.


For more information, please read our Safety Policy.