our mission is to Safeguard Earths remaining wilderness AND EMPOWER UNDERSERVED COMMUNITIES.


VOPO meticulously designs immersive and challenging remote travel experiences that support community-based sustainability projects.  

We partner with NGOs and community groups to develop a microcosm of locally-owned social enterprises and waste management solutions to support the growth of sustainable tourism. We strive to empower the undeserved communities our expeditions take place in.
Currently, we operate our wilderness impact expeditions in 5 locations across remote parts of Indonesia, the Philippines, Solomon Islands and Australia. We are working with the local community to develop each of this regions as sustainable tourism destinations.

We envision expedition leaders to come from the communities that we visit. For this, we sponsor scholarship positions for locals to join our experiences. During this process we begin the training for them to be future expedition leaders and facilitators of VOPO's programs and experiences in their own communities.


Remote communities across Asia Pacific lack access to sustainable income opportunities, planning processes and basic government services.

Villagers often turn to illegal logging, mining and poaching as jobs. Development often occurs outside the planning process which has detrimental impacts on the environment. Basic waste management services and infrastructure are often non-existent, therefore, waste is dumped everywhere.

We partner with the local communities to assist them in: 1) creating locally-owned social enterprises to generate sustainable income, and 2) introducing waste technology, systems and education programs to promote a clean environment. 

The VOPO experience is enhanced by supporting the local communities we work in.


We call this phenomena 'experience symbiosis'.

By supporting the local communities where we work in, we can provide a much more authentic, valuable and fulfilling experience to our clients.. Expedition guests engage in and support directly the local sustainability projects.

We create positive impact in the remote communities our expeditions occur through two projects.
1) Wild Enterprise: To improve the wellbeing of underserved remote communities by facilitating the creation of locally-owned social enterprises.
2) Tropical Waste: To improve the wellbeing of underserved remote communities by introducing waste technology, systems and education programs.