Expedition Itinerary

A heavily forested archipelago of dense jungles, unique fauna and flora inhabited by an ancient animist culture that is often gifted with some of the most perfect waves in the world.
In this 10-day immersive journey, you will join a group of passionate and driven people to explore the waste challenges and opportunities that a remote island community in Indonesia is facing.


Day 1-2: Arrival Padang

  • When you land at the Padang airport, your VOPO expedition leader will be waiting for you. The homestay is just a 20-minute drive away. You can then settle in, and explore the beautiful surroundings

  • For centuries, Padang has been a trade centre connecting Indonesia with Malaysia, India and the West. This fusion of cultures is responsible for creating one of Indonesia’s most decadent and intense cuisines

  • Take the opportunity to learn from Sumatra’s waste issues from a panel of local scientists, activists and environmentalists

Day 3-4: Suku Mentawai

  • Wake up early have your bags ready because we are taking the Fast Ferry to the Mentawai Islands

  • A representative from our local partners (Suku Mentawai and Mentawai Ecotourism) will welcome us in Muara Siberut

  • As they guide us through the depths of the jungle, you will be able to see the wild and raw landscapes from the back of the dugout canoe

  • Unfurl the ancient culture of Mentawai, exploring her fascinating spiritual beliefs and rituals

  • We will arrive to our Mentawai tribe hosts where we will stay for 2 nights. They will show and teach us about their culture and way of life

  • Treasure all your exclusive moments in this raw and unique wildlife Eden

Day 5-9: Rogue Plastic in Paradise

  • Make your way down the river from the depths of the Siberut jungle to the your next coastal accomodation

  • Wake up to the beautiful tropical sunset and join a morning yoga session

  • Visit local villages and run clean ups to gather valuable data

  • Try riding the famous Mentawai surf breaks, set amidst a dramatic and breath-taking landscape

  • Run waste education programs with our local partners to schools

  • Fly drones to map out optimised routes for waste storage, collection and transport

  • Finish the night with some drinks over the roaring fire under the night sky

Day 10-13: Island Waste Solutions

  • Rise to the beach, grab a coconut and open it with your newly learned island skills

  • Freedive and snorkel nearby reefs

  • Learn about VOPO’s 5-year waste management project seeking to reduce waste dumped by 60%

  • Join some of the crew and locals spearfishing to catch dinner

  • Have sunset beers over a creative session to incorporate traditional indigenous knowledge and modern surfing culture throughout the waste education program

Day 14

Sadly the time has come to say goodbye, and for you to depart on your onward journey.

After the expedition, you will have a choice to be involved with VOPO’s long-term waste project in the Mentawai Islands. Supporting from home, or coming back activating different stages of the project.