Who is ISO

"We are all ISO." A quote from the International Organization for Standardization website.

ISO was founded in 1946 in London, formed by delegates of 25 countries who met at the Institute of Civil Engineers to discuss the future of standardisation. They recognised it as pertinent to establish a unified body with the intention to diplomatically regulate industrial standards.

Today, ISO is based in Geneva, with a membership spanning 162 countries with over 19'000 International Standards published, relating to almost every aspect of technology and business. From the 1970's onwards, they became heavily immersed in the establishment of environmental and social standards, providing companies vital tools to identify and control their impact. ISO standards have continued to evolve and remain the only official avenue to perform a legitimate LCA (What the shit is LCA?).

Poetically, ISO is derived from the Greek term isos, which translates to "equal". The website states in epic fashion, "What ever the country, what ever the language, we are always ISO."

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