Tesla, So Hot Right Now. Tesla.

Charlotte test drives the Tesla Model S, cranks some Bublé and gets racy with the solar-charged power.

Have you ever thought about how fucked up the current fuel-guzzling system is? Australia still depends on the Middle East for around 37% of its oil and fuel. Australia imports most of its refined petroleum products from Singapore, which depends on the Middle East for more than 80% of its supplies. It is safe to say, we are reliantly suckling the petrol teet of countries abroad to keep our cars igniting.

My first recommendations are always to swim, moonwalk, rollerblade or cartwheel to your destination, but in some instances due to this fast-paced, far-spread life we lead, that shit just isn't possible. So, considering we now have over 800'000 cars on Australian roads, we should welcome ecological innovation of the electric variety with open arms. Transport in Australia accounts for 16% of greenhouse gas emissions, with light vehicles responsible for two thirds of that total. But, I think that is all about to change.

You can imagine my joy, as someone who requires oxygen for a living, when Tesla came bursting onto the scene with a vision to change the game. Instead of burning through our last anticipated oil reserves within the next decade, we have an opportunity to shift to something a little more sustainable. Now with Super Charging Stations along the East Coast of Australia, you can forget "range anxiety" with the confidence that on each charge you could be cruising 500 kilometres comfortably without needing to recharge. Even better, with solar energy as a frequent source, you can minimise your need to plug into coal generated energy at the wall.

The verdict? Fast as fuck, with Space Age technology and epic handling all wrapped up in an aesthetically bad ass package.

Who needs a fuel guzzling Lamborghini when Tesla can now make faster cars that fart sun beams?

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Author: Charlotte Rose Mellis