Orange is out compadres. On Wednesdays we wear waste.

My fav shirts are typically random, oversized snapshots of history that I "borrow" from Dad (disculpe papa - mine now). Although, when I don't have an alternative to preloved, sweet-ass finds, sometimes there is no other choice but to buy something new.

A life sautéing in salty ocean water sadly cannot be supported wholly by Nannas hand-me-downs. And when glorious nudity validates arrest in most countries, it can be difficult to frolic, sustainably, without some form of genital curtain. This is why it brings me much pleasure to see the systems we live in are changing, making it easier for us to action our good intentions.

You don't like it when baby turtles are strangled by ghost fishing nets? Me neither. So change the way you shop. Newsflash, giving a fuck looks sexy on everybody.

Was your mind blown by the article aptly titled, WTF is up with recycling? You must then understand why ingenious reuse of materials gets us so pumped.

Here's a collection of VOPO gems, saving the ocean, one peach at a time.

Main image:
Swimwear @abysseofficial
Photographer @iamjuliawheeler