Who is Nailing Recycling

As pressure amounts, innovation accelerates in the area of sustainability. Soon enough, the word will become superfluous and the standard that looks challenging today, will become the new and critical norm.


Terracycle is a global leader in recycling and up cycling hard-to-recycle waste. Born out of a worm farming project, Tom Szaky and fellow Uni students were inspired to develop highly nutritious fertiliser for growing... marijuana. The concept of recycling valuable materials inspired the company that today supports global schemes for the recycling of anything from diapers to toothpaste packets.

The Recycling Champions

In Finland, nine of ten plastic bottles are returned for recycling and almost 100% of glass bottles are recycled. Sweden has an incredible rate of recycling 99% of its household waste. 

A Global Perspective

Austria takes the cake, with an overall recycling rate of 63%.

Sourced:  Planet Aid

Sourced: Planet Aid

So, what can you do?

Start treating waste as a resource. Think about your commodities, your line of work and your passions. Could you be saving money, your environment and your conscience by tapping into recycled resources?

Be an activist with your cash. Put your money into products that ingeniously use up cycled and recycled goods that actually invest in supporting a thriving environment. Put pressure on companies to become more sustainable and make your voice heard when you disagree with greedy, unsustainable government policies.

Be sexy, like Leo.

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