Into the Abysse with Hanalei

Hanging with Hanalei Reponty the Founder of Abysse swimwear, an International model, Pro-surfer and straight-up aquatic goddess

If you are still yet to experience the sexiness of sustainability, well hello dear friend, you have come to the right place. Abysse are nailing it in the realms of ocean attire. Designed to empower adventure women, functionality is key, with a heavy emphasis on style and comfort. Abysse manufacture their swimwear using eco-friendly, Japanese limestone neoprene. This is an incredible material in regards to durability, known to last up to three times longer than the competing petroleum based alternative found commonly in wetsuits. Abysse are proud partners of Sirens for the Sea, a rad team of scientists who specialise in marine research, raising awareness for current environmental challenges.

Have a look behind the scenes of this future-focused enterprise, get to know the angelic founder, Hanalei Reponty and take a sneak peak into what's up next for Abysse.


Charlotte Rose. As a totally surf-stoked mermaid, where is your favourite place to admire the ocean?

Hanalei. My favourite place on Earth is a little island called Moorea (sister island of Tahiti, where I am from). The water is crystal blue and standing on the beach breathing it all in is my absolute. I love surfing there as well, the reef is healthy and beautiful plus the waves... amazing.

C. Epic. VOX POPULI are off to French Polynesia on a sailing trip this October for a surf, dive, nature-froth adventure. Stay tuned for that... We will not miss Moorea!

As an Earth loving woman, what was the pinnacle moment that lead you to launch a label with such an emphasis on sustainability?

H. I have always dreamt to align fashion and the environment. I believe that we are the generation that can make a difference in how we run our organisations to change the mindset of the industry. As a surfer, I spend most of my time in the ocean, and the fact that what we manufacture could harm it and all of its inhabitants is unspeakable to me. The core of Abysse is the environment, and I am so proud to make a stand and be acknowledged for it.

C. Exactly! For those who dedicate a large portion of their lives to being immersed in the natural world, it is difficult to remain blissfully unaware. Once you make the connection, you can't ignore it.

So after an incredible launch into the big, bad world for Abysse, what comes next for this dynamic label?


H. We are developing an activewear range made out of recycled fishing nets that are given a new life through fabric.

We are very excited to be expanding our DNA from oceans to mountains, as we believe aligning function and fashion is primordial, whatever your passion is. We are very excited to be expanding and we hope people will love it as much as they love the suits.

C. On behalf of all sassy women on Earth, fuck yes.

With insight and experience up your sleeve, how has running a business with a focus on sustainability changed your perspective of the fashion industry?

H. I believe I have always had a strong ethical fashion eye. I am so happy to see that more and more brands are taking ownership by introducing sustainable and ethical values through their corporate social responsibility. It is definitely not easy, as everything is more expensive and people need to be willing to spend the money, but I believe it is a change we can all embrace.


C. This is very true, sustainable methods are often a greater investment in time and resources, but the value of these actions will certainly withstand negligence. So, in light of that, who do you believe is nailing it right now? Do you have favourite brands and organisations that keep you inspired?


H. A lot of rad people are nailing it! Loving initiatives that are killing it and giving back to the community. I am a big fan of The Reformation. Of course I love Patagonia and Matuse as well for what they stand for, quality products and a mission for protecting the environment.

C. Nice style...! The Ref is my go to for cool, yet conscious get-ups. I'm sure you are just as pumped as I am that sustainable fashion is only getting better.

It's been a pleasure fellow mermaid, bonne chance for Abysse.


Author: Charlotte Mellis