Would You Listen To Nickelback To Save Bandicoots?

How am I not already playing this game?

As the Winter chill subsides, you're probably coming out of hibernation feeling like a lost, potatoey potato. Well, stuff your Pokemon Go in a sack. This wildlife-saving game will have you fighting extinction, whilst simultaneously nudging you to accomplish something a little extra-ordinary. Or just straight-up hilarious. Edge Pledge enables anyone (and everyone) to become an Extinction Fighter, by putting themselves 'on the edge'.

Jump onto the website, where you will be quizzed to find your perfect species (bypass this stage if you already have a well-established spirit animal). Then, get creative and conjure up three potential pledges. Dive in a tuxedo to save sharks, drive an Uber for a week to rescue turtles. Then, let your mates do the voting by donation.

Edge Pledge is on a mission to raise sustainable funding for worthy causes, by turning us all into Extinction Fighters rather than keyboard warriors. They work with the University of Melbourne, plus a growing list of environmental partners. So far, you can protect up to 16 different species, including Manta Rays through Earthwatch and Chimpanzees through the Jane Goodall Australia Institute.

If you're looking for an opportunity to be more of a legend, here is that chance.