photo. oneocean_onebreath

photo. oneocean_onebreath

We all know the saying, "an eye for an eye..."
Well, a shark for a human, leaves the whole world with neither.

I am bewildered by a recent, targeted revenge attack upon a wild, mesmerising and highly significant creature on our planet. A Great White Shark was maliciously killed in an attempt to reconcile the injuries incurred by a surfer in Western Australia. This is a perfect example of peoples inability to use complex cognitive functioning, something that is required to comprehend our multi-dimensional world. In the eyes of a simpleton, this is a job perceived well done.

Although, the irony is clear in the scientific reasoning behind this equation.

+ As an Apex species, sharks are critical for the survival of our oceans and their presence is a clear reflection of its health. They are officially classified as Vulnerable.
- We as human beings need the ocean to live, as it filters half of the oxygen we breathe on Earth. The ocean is incapable of performing its role without an array of critical variables, including the existence of Great White Sharks.

So, whilst eyes blinded by irrational emotion see the death of this vital animal as justice prevailing, anyone with problem solving skills can recognise that they have in fact achieved the opposite. Those who justify outdated actions based on the protection of human lives, by killing such vital creatures are ironically, robbing us all of air. If our life is so important, we should respect what keeps us breathing.

words. Charlotte Rose Mellis