Destination Intel

The Mentawai appears, when looking at it from the seat of a traditional dugout canoe, like an enchanted land. A heavily forested archipelago of dense jungles, unique fauna and flora that are often exposed to some of the most perfect waves in the world.

Thousands of international tourists flock to Indonesia annually. Although, much of the remote regions of this surfers heaven are without any waste management procedures or infrastructure. After meeting with and joining forces with our partners across the Mentawai islands in December 2017, we will return. This time ready to undertake an epic project tackling ocean plastic pollution. You will work directly in implementing solutions that will promote the sustainable development of the region.

Upcoming Expedition



1 Dec - 10 Dec, 2018

Join us for a 9 day Expedition, where you will be intimately connected to Mentawai ancient wisdom and culture whilst conducting a feaisbility for a technology to prevent plastic from entering the oceans. Guided through a curated experience that deep dives into ecology, economics and politics. Spoilt with perfect barrels, ocean pools for free-diving sessions and jungle treks that will keep you occupied when you're not immersed in the facets of implementing the exciting first stage of #RoguePlastic.

Rogues Plastic

Did you know that more than 80% of ocean plastic pollution comes from land-based sources? Developing countries have experience a recent economic boom and large demand for consumer goods products yet they do not have the waste technology, systems and education to support it. For this, much of the plastic waste ends up in the oceans. VOPO works with communities to introduce waste technologies, systems and education programs that create a clean environment and a plastic-free ocean.

We are introducing waste technologies and systems that stop plastic from entering the oceans.


Waste-to-Energy Microplant for a Plastic Free Ocean

Studying the feasibility and testing the prototype for a waste technology to treat plastic before it enters the ocean


Epic Experiences


Connect with community and study the feasibility of waste technologies


Surf empty, perfect waves in paradise


Live with ancient, animistic communities


Maeruk: Beautiful! (Mentawai language)

Anai leu ita: Hello! Greetings (Mentawai language)

Masura bagata: Thank you! (Mentawai language)

Saya gila: I am crazy (Bahasa Indonesia)


Nasi Padang
This meal is an explosion of flavours that arrive in small plates of diverse rich dishes eaten with rice. Padang, which is a city, is located in West Sumatra where for hundreds of years Malaysian, Indonesian, Polynesian, Chinese and South Asian trades meet, sharing knowledge, techniques and spices for food. Creating an eclectic, electric dish.