Before applying to join a VOPO Expedition, be mindful its certainly not a holiday. This is a journey that never leaves you. To us, this is magic.



Expeditions are wilderness impact adventures. In these immersive experiences, you will journey through a realm vastly different to your typical holiday and directly support local initiatives.



VOPO Projects

Projects that create measurable impact in the field.
You will directly support positive change in the communities that you visit by joining our expeditions.

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The Process


Behind the scenes, we partner and work directly with communities on projects to provide solutions to key sustainability challenges.


Our team of experts spend extensive time scouting, engaging, researching and testing all elements of your adventure to create an unforgettable experience.


We unite local leaders with a team of global pioneers to embark on a VOPO Project, embedded into an insanely inspiring adventure itinerary. 


Leveraging our global network, we drive longterm change through consulting, reporting and repeat experience to accomplish our targets.


What will you go home with?

A once in a life-time memorable adventure, a global network of fearless change makers and the tools to solve social and environmental challenges using our Brainmelt and Wildesign method.


Have any questions?

Lets talk about your next adventure, today.