The organisation, VOPO, believes that the power of unique experiences, and of human connection to oneself, each other and nature can change the world. Our passion and dedication to environmental and social issues have committed us to conducting business beyond sustainability. We endeavour to create long-term impact in the communities we work with, empower individuals and support a thriving ecology. VOPO will consider these factors in both our direct actions and those of our suppliers, affiliates, and partners.

Environmental CODE OF CONDUCT

Supporting the Long-term Sustainable Development of Rural Communities

Through extensive dialogue, collaboration and knowledge sharing, VOPO will create strategic solutions to environmental issues identified by the local community or working group. The Brainmelt method will be used to support and guide our customers in the creation of the sustainability solution. It is imperative that the solutions are created together with the local communities and working groups, not externally. The solutions need to take into consideration the socio-cultural, environmental, psychological, spiritual, and economic circumstances of the local region.

Carbon Footprint

VOPO analyses the carbon emissions from the travel of our expeditions. We are committed to reducing our adverse effect, offsetting our emissions and exploring alternative options.

Green Procurement Policy

VOPO is committed to the use and purchase of environmentally and socially responsible materials, products and services. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that approved VOPO suppliers are selected. It is an expectation that suppliers continually demonstrate that materials and production are conducted in a sustainable manner. 

Waste Management: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Compost

VOPO will concentrate its efforts to reduce the amount of waste from its operations. When reducing the waste is not an option, we will alternatively recycle, compost or seek alternative products that are scientifically-proven to cause less harm to the environment and the health of living beings. 

Animal Welfare Policy

VOPO believes in the fair and humane treatment of animals, and that they should have their basic needs met. We will ensure that our direct action and suppliers meet ethical guidelines for the treatment of all species.

Empowering our Customers by Providing Choice for Mitigation

For the major adverse environmental effects of our expeditions, we provide offset choices for our customers to select. This way, we can educate and empower our customers by making them part of the resolution. 

Use our Company as a Force to Advocate for Change

The goal of VOPO’s Journal is to encourage dialogue, ideas and the exchange of knowledge in sustainability. With the ultimate purpose to inspire actionable change, and help spread the word about both sustainability issues and the innovative concepts solving them.

Efficiency in Travel

We will choose sustainable travel practices in the operations of our expeditions, by:

  • Using the most fuel-efficient, low-emission, and economical transportation when available.
  • Sharing vehicles and combining multiple tasks in one trip
  • Choosing accommodations that are sustainably certified or are clearly having a positive impact on the environment, the community or both where possible.
  • Creating storytelling content, and web-based videoconferencing to communicate the trip and share the knowledge to a wider scope in engaging a larger audience beyond those who participate physically.

Perpetual iteration of Expeditions

VOPO Expeditions will be flexible adventures, meaning that they will be able to change and adapt based on new gathered information and data. Expert advice will be used critically as feedback for our expeditions, for continued refinement with the intention of reducing negative consequences where possible.



VOPO’s services, activities and products will be designed considering the potential negative social effects. We will minimise the effects of by promoting equality, fairness, respect and diversity in our business operations.

Human Rights policy

VOPO supports and respects the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Convention Against Corruption.

We acknowledge the rights of our employees, affiliates, partners and suppliers through equality and non-discrimination.

VOPO supports the abolition of child labour and requires its affiliates, partners and suppliers that work with us to comply with this.

Local Collaborations

VOPO will work together in collaboration, when possible in partnership, with local stakeholders in order to create the strategic solutions to pressing issues. It is imperative that the solutions and the process taken to create them took extensive consideration with the local communities and working groups. The solutions need to take into account the socio-cultural, environmental, psychological, spiritual and economic circumstances of the local region. 

Continuous Improvement

VOPO will take necessary corrective actions to promptly remediate any noncompliance and strive for continuous improvement. We reserve the right to terminate business relationships with any supplier and/or contractor who is unwilling or unable to comply with the Code.



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