Who gives a crap? Bowels do. As should we all. One hell of a super-sayan toilet paper, I was born out of the need to tackle many planetary woes. I'm hanging with my mates in a city near you, ready for an introduction to your nether-regions. I'm composed of 100% recycled materials with my parents being Paper fibres, Bamboo and Sugarcane. Don't ask me how they met, but together they created a super soft and super strong love-child (if I do say so myself) without the addition of chemicals, dyes or scents. Not only do I volunteer to gently sweep your butt crack as a career, but I'm also generous as fuck with your payment. Who Gives a Crap donate 50% of profits to WaterAid, who are building toilets for the 40% of people around the world who do not have access to sanitation. Totally poop worthy.

Who Gives a Crap arrives into main cities by freight shipping, for direct transport to its warehouses to cut down on emissions.