Innovation is something that has always fascinated us here at VOX POPULI, mainly because of the level of creativity and the complexity of thought required to come up with such ideas. Over the last couple of years we've been lucky enough to see more organisations explore the realms of innovation in the space of sustainability. 

Vissla is one organisation that inspires creators and innovators, the people who paddle against the status quo and do things in a different way. Early this year we were amazed to learn about their board shorts made from wasted coconuts and recycled polyester. Through a process called Cocotex, the husks are turned into an activated carbon fabric for the production of the shorts.

Nowadays, coconuts seem to have become a huge part of our lives. More often than not, it is the inner part of the nut that is used for food, medical and cosmetic products. Leaving the outer husk discarded and wasted, sometimes transported to sit and decompose in a landfill. As explained in one of our previous articles, this process can have many detrimental impacts on both our health and the natural environment. Therefore, Vissla has managed to reduce the life cycle impacts of board shorts by using discarded coconuts as a very tasty resource.



images retrieved from the Vissla website.