A long hike through the coconut palmeras. Check the sky for storms. Keep along the southern Coral Coast of Fiji. Surrounded by lush tropical forests and vibrant coral reefs you can find me, the first STOKE Certified resort in the world. My friends and I are always seeking secluded, majestic and lush adventures.

My heart pumps with renewables (solar-powered generation system) and I digest with the aid of waste management (organic waste, beer bottles, PET plastics and aluminium cans). I am nourished by onsite organic edible gardens and take care of my surroundings through the installation of moorings at the surf breaks (preventing damage to the corals). In addition to the establishment of nearby marine conservation zones that involve local fisherman I conquer mangroves reforestation and a whole lot of other initiatives.

Surf photography:
Stefan Haworth 
Nate Smith