Founded by two young outdoor enthusiasts and thrill seeking legends, Raw Kaya Organics specialises in natural, plant-based skincare products.

The Organic Mandarin & Honeysuckle Cleanser is a testament to the company's focus and dedication to environmental and wildlife conservation. With the help of the brand's environmental ambassadors, Raw Kaya designs and funds their own in-house conservation projects.

Naturally formulated to lift away impurities and provide you with a balanced, clear, blemish-free skin, not only are the products designed to be gentle on your skin, the product casing is designed to work with the Earth. Including bamboo, Raw Kaya is creative with their packaging and constantly innovating to create the most environmentally in-tune product for consumers.

Active ingredients such as tea-tree oil, mandarin and willow bark will make your skin tingle with delight; whilst the infusion of chamomile and aloe vera will help to calm and settle your skin.