As the founders of Mr Simple state "We are focused on becoming a responsible company. This means the people that make our products, where the materials come from and the company culture that supports it all". And, they sure do create garments that reflect that notion.

The tees from the Organic Collection are nothing but ordinary. Cut and sewn from a blend of organic cotton and sustainable hemp, the tees are impeccably crafted showcasing natural colours and an easy-going crew neckline. Wear yours to elevate the simple look.


Images retrieved from the Mr Simple website.




Zenish is a boutique purely for the fashionably conscious. The range of sleek yoga-wear is designed, manufactured and available out of Sydney. Using 87% recycled polyamide, through ECONYL technology, the garments are not only an epic sustainable alternative, but they are made for quality and aesthetic appeal. Through the process of regeneration, ECONYL use ocean plastics (predominantly nylon fishing nets), to repurpose in the form of nylon thread.

The soft, durable fibre can be worn in the water and is resistant to chlorine. Even better, the recycled textile can continue to be recycled again. Products like the racer crop make sustainable choices so much easier to make.


Born in Italy, the Visionary Boot was just like its parents, made from recycled polyester and EU Ecolabel certified PU fibre. Who would anticipate that these two materials consummating their love would result in such a handsome young Boot. In order to develop its true character, the Visionary Boot was sent off to be expertly crafted in Portugal. Now the Brave Gentleman Boots can be found in many stores and websites in the world fulfilling its dream as a lifetime companion of commuters and trendy hikers. 

The Visionary Boot puts its animal-based, leathery competitors to shame.

Images retrieved from the Brave Gentleman website