Who gives a crap? Bowels do. As should we all. One hell of a super-sayan toilet paper, I was born out of the need to tackle many planetary woes. I'm hanging with my mates in a city near you, ready for an introduction to your nether-regions. I'm composed of 100% recycled materials with my parents being Paper fibres, Bamboo and Sugarcane. Don't ask me how they met, but together they created a super soft and super strong love-child (if I do say so myself) without the addition of chemicals, dyes or scents. Not only do I volunteer to gently sweep your butt crack as a career, but I'm also generous as fuck with your payment. Who Gives a Crap donate 50% of profits to WaterAid, who are building toilets for the 40% of people around the world who do not have access to sanitation. Totally poop worthy.

Who Gives a Crap arrives into main cities by freight shipping, for direct transport to its warehouses to cut down on emissions.


I am a Ngarinyman Bush Soap. I urge you to scrub up with these indigenous ingredients, sourced in nature from the Australian outback in Yarralin. I am one divine little body frother, made from hand harvested traditional bush plants, with healing properties that have been praised for thousands of years across this vast land. I came to life on a magical occasion, when medicinal plants were infused in soap to extract their healing goodness. My concoctions include Dimilan Manyinyi and Bardigi plants. My vibe is enough to combat bad spirits, cure coughs and colds and I'm a delectable remedy for joint and muscle pain.

Ngarinyman Bush Soaps are made as part of a Communities for Children (C4C) initiative, and facilitated in Yarralin by Enterprise Learning Projects (ELP).