Born to fulfil its destiny to put an end to the destruction of habitat and slaughter of our oceans' wildlife, the 8oz Sea Shepherd Brew has been equipped and crafted in collaboration with the legends at KeepCup.

Mum is a tough and fully tempered glass and silicon ribbon from China. Dad, a recycled polypropylene lid and plug from Melbourne. Together, with a little help from the KeepCup vision, this little ocean warrior was born. 



Being the philanthropist it is, 15% of all sales go towards Sea Shepherd Australia. Additionally, you can enjoy a celebratory fist pump with every espresso, as each time you rock the Keepcup, you are saying OH HELL NO to the nightmare that is disposable, non-biodegradable unnecessary waste.




The name is Mr Moranga, and I am one sleek, aqua-dynamic fox. My origins are hard to track, due to a portion of my heritage being reclaimed, sustainably harvested woods. The other side of the family is easier to trace, as recycled EPS foam and Entropy bio-resins. It was in San Francisco at the Woodshop that this exotic blend of materials was expertly handmade into the handsome character that I am. The final result is a mid-length board designed for smooth, fluid glide and manoeuvrability. My creator and legendary shaper, Danny Hess, is working towards building high-performance short boards made entirely out of wood and sealed with plant oils.




It is my destiny to be a superhero hygienist planetarian. My parents are Mao bamboo, mindfully grown and harvested to compliment their surroundings. Only Yao Ming grows faster than bamboo. Historians say that my ancestors have been doing wonders in China for over 4000 years, symbolising freshness, purity and mercy. Damn, I come from some chillers. Turns out I'm not only antimicrobial, but my bamboo bristles are great to clean.

So that's what I am best at, I get right in your mouth and scrape for a living. Smoothly going in motions of all sorts controlling bacteria and keeping your mouth ready. I am also generous as fuck, I give 20% of my income to charities. When you need me I come to you on the bad-ass GotWoodMobile! Made from 100% recycled materials and natural-based inks. Dispose of me responsibly to make my existence worthwhile.




The Minnow Cruiser has strong connections to its traditional home on the Chilean coastline. Ma and pa were drifters, discarded fishnets floating around the Pacific Ocean. They met through Net Positiva, essentially a dating program for stray fishnets, created by Bureo Skateboards. In desperate search for a better life, the fishnets were taken to a recycling plant in Santiago. It was here where lil Minnow the straight up Cruiser was born.

So far, this initiative has salvaged and recycled over 20'000ft of fishnets.


A local to Bali, the Double Six is the product of a cluster-fuck of tyres, vegan leather and a dash of nylon. Double Six parents were tyres, discarded from society, ready to be either dumped in landfill or burned releasing fumes and toxic oils. Indosole created a B-Corp certified space for craftsmanship of the tyres, giving birth to the Double Six. A minimalist, durable and all-terrain companion for anyone looking.

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The Wax Comb is made from a natural composite resin, coming from a long line of ancestors native to the Cornish wild landscapes. The materials are of great beauty, yet traditional industries do not appreciate. Predominantly wool rejects and industrial waste like wood pulp and bio-fuels make up this nifty little, sustainable gadget. Two like-minded teams Solidwool and Finisterre, captivated by the beauty of these materials crafted a strong and salvaged Wax Comb. 

In contrast to its fiberglass alternative, the Finisterre x Solidwool Wax Comb will see you copping high fives from Mother Nature on the regular.

Images retrieved from the Finisterre website.


From a natural, garage birth in the Gold Coast of Australia, the Logger Vintage entered the world as one glorious, exotic blend. A descendant of hand-picked, reclaimed Australian hardwood timbers, you can't help but love its local ruggedness. One fine day, the eco-salvaged red Carrabeen ventured over to Woody Skateboards, where the longboard came to life. It was here it was handcrafted, inspired by 60's & 70's retro culture.

The Logger Vintage can be found cruising around on any lucky bitumen that gets the chance to kiss it.



Can you tell the time by the sun?

Using the power of solar, with this rad as heck watch from Q&Q you can.

You’ll never have the hassle or expense of having to change the battery. It also leads to a few less batteries in the world, which is only a good thing. A full charge gets you up to 3.5 months with no light exposure. Longer than your Summer tan will last, this nifty accessory will keep on ticking.

If the solar situation isn't enough to get you excited, the case and wrist strap also contain recycled plastics, with the case material composed of ABS Resin (contains Recycled ABS Resin). The strap is made from polyurethane Resin, containing Recycled Polyurethane Resin.

For a solid dose of good karma, when you purchase a Q&Q SmileSolar watch, a portion of the proceeds are donated to TABLE FOR TWO to deliver school meals to children in Africa and Asia.