Air-Ink makes ink out of air pollution. As whacky as this sounds, the company partnered with Graviky Labs (a team fusing science with industrial design) to make it happen. Essentially, the emissions from 2,500 driving hours of a standard diesel vehicle produce 150 litres of ink.

The process begins by attaching a unit (or Kaalink) to the exhaust of the vehicle, the fine particulate matter than would have otherwise gone into our lungs is then captured by this unit. The way of harvesting this deadly pollution is called mechatronic capturing process. The ingenious people fit Kaalink's in trucks, generations, and ferries harvesting billions of particles to make the ink.

Once harvested, the particles are taken into a lab where heavy metals and carcinogens are removed. The purified soot goes through a series of industrial processes to create ink and paints. 

The apparatus is epic, but in order for it to have impact, the concept needs to be applied large scale and there is an entire ecosystem around it.