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connect with ancient aboriginal wisdom
in the iconic Australian wilderness.



Do you seek to connect with the spirit of our land and understand the true depths of the sky?

Celebrate the intertwine of culture and wilderness under the full moon in Australia. Retreat for a weekend on the pristine coast of Yuraygir National Park, northern NSW.

Limited tickets provide a boutique, intimate experiences for those hoping to get up close and personal with fascinating experts for thought-provoking sessions across astronomy, aboriginal bush medicines and ecology. 

Set up your tent or roll in with the van to enjoy one of the most diverse and abundant bioregions in Australia. Surf sustainable demo boards, hike isolated trails and indulge in traditional bush tucker by the fire. Rain, hail or shine, you'll leave inspired and recharged.

VOPO Campfire Sessions, ILLAROO (2-4 March)
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Photography by Yuraygir correspondent, @waynegriffinphotography



Complimenting global #impactadventures,
Campfire Sessions are local experiences, continuing critical discussions around global ecological preservation using a provocative blend of history and invention.

  • Yaegl cultural immersion, a new friendship with revered Uncle Ron Heron
  • Complimentary locally sourced coffee and warm bush damper to fill your belly
  • Direct beach access to pristine snorkel spots and waves
  • Sustainable surfboard demo, test them out and learn about new inventions
  • Bushwalk with local Yuraygir expert ecologist, see nature like never before
  • Indigenous medicines & tucker workshop with incredible Aunty Carmel
  • Guided stargazing experience with international astronomer, Bob Fuller
  • Acoustic music and boogie sessions to keep the good vibes alive all weekend
  • Treasure hunt for Clean Up Australia day to leave nature as intended
  • Connect with a community of epic new and old friends who love the wild too!


The landscape of Yuraygir National Park remains the Country of Yaegl and Gumbaynggirr groups. The Aboriginal communities have lived off the land, camping, fishing and performing ceremonial rituals for thousands of years. The strong spiritual significance of the region makes us humbled as guests who can learn skills for outback survival, engage and appreciate this sacred wilderness.

Sprawling across the NSW north coast between Yamba and Coffs Harbour, Yuraygir National Park boasts the state’s longest stretch of undeveloped coastline. With 65 kilometres of striking cliffs, rocky headlands, isolated beaches and quiet lakes set against a backdrop of forests, heaths and wetlands, this slice of paradise is well worth the road trip.

Discover rare wildlife, remote campgrounds, idyllic picnic spots and charming villages dotted along the coast. Swim, fish or surf to your heart’s content in this aquatic playground, then take it back to the campfire for mind-expanding sessions.


packing list


Illaroo Group Campground is off-grid! Meaning no electricity, nature showers, minimal internet and maximum wild times. VOPO will provide you with detailed recommendations to pack smart, keep it simple yet make it an incredibly comfortable experience. 90% of that is attitude, so it should be fairly easy. Toilet facilities are available, as is a communal, sheltered sanctuary for meals and relaxing. Grazing areas are also scattered around our mini Campfire village, so bring plenty of delicious (plastic-free) goods to munch on.

Rainwater is available, although this must be boiled for consumption. There will be a steady supply of drinking water available for guests, but please be prepared and either bring your Life Straw or a 5L water storage.

Run out of supplies? No worries, we support the local Minnie Water shop
(just 10 minutes walk through the nature path), which will have emergency camping needs covered for ice, firewood and munchies. We recommend you collect all pre-planned supplies before the last main town, Grafton, as Minnie is, well, tiny.

  • Tent (waterproof) or Van
  • Sleeping bag and bedding
  • Your favourite cushion/beanbag or camp chair (byo for Campfire Sessions!)
  • Ice, esky & reusable water bottle
  • Kitchen set (1 x mug, plate, bowl, knife, spoon, fork, wine glass?) *Bring a special set from home or the op-shop. No need for plastics.
  • Wetsuit, surfboard, swimmers, masks, fins
  • 2 x towels (one beach, one nature shower)
  • Comfy walking shoes or like us, go barefoot (just watch out for brown snakes...)
  • Torch for night time navigation (we will have solar guiding pathways)
  • Hat and sun protection
  • Fresh fruit, veg and your favourite camp meals (store safely from wild animals)
  • Solar charging pack for emergencies
  • BYO beverages of choice, good vibes and an adventurous spirit.

Questions about what to bring? Ask us! info@vopo.earth.

get the pegs ready.