dive deep for an expedition with an abundance of mystical traditions, lush jungles and glorious waves


TBA, 2018

It is thought that the Mentawai archipelago separated from Sumatra some 500,000 years ago, resulting in unique dense biodiversity, heavy spiritual traditional people and remote world class waves.

The native people of the Mentawai Islands, live a semi-nomadic hunter-gatherer lifestyle in the coastal and rainforest environments of the islands. Their language belongs to the Austronesian language family. This incredible people are known for their heavy spirituality, body art and deep culture.

On this journey you will enter a realm vastly different from your typical holiday, in some of the most pristine, undeveloped places. Together with our fantastic partners, you will be lead through a cultural delight, surrounded by natural phenomena with the unique opportunity to use our Brainmelt challenge-solving method to create tangible, positive change with a passionate team of global leaders.

The Indonesian Student Scholarship will open soon! 


Not a great distance away from the mainland, the Mentawai archipelago and it is thought its traditional people were kept in isolation until the 19th century due to unpredictable currents, strong winds and shallow reefs. 

Together with our partners, VOPO will take you on an expedition where you will go deep into the jungle to meet the traditional Mentawai people, explore the mystical waves of the archipelago and work to create solutions to local pressing sustainability challenges. 

Currently, we are engaging with our local partners and getting ready for the scouting field trip.

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VOPO Expeditions were conceptualised to address social and environmental challenges, by bringing skilled humans, adventurers & innovative minds together from across the world for an experience like no other. The itinerary is designed to connect, intellectually stimulate and inspire new ways of tackling some of the worlds biggest feats. All in a pristine setting with the wisdom of locals and curious company who are eager to dive deep, get exploring and bask in the glory of nature. Read our Sustainability Policy.

As air travel is a huge contributor to environmental degradation, our team are currently focused on calculating our carbon footprint. For which, we are developing a method to account for the impact of all miles (revealed soon). We also respect our role as guests in each host country, knowing that long-term strong partnerships are imperative to sustainable outcomes and allow us to be responsive to the genuine goals of the region. VOPO also devote a portion of Expedition places to local scholarship participants, a measure that maximises accessibility. This is also key to our mission, exploring unintended consequences and addressing systems rather than symptoms. Additionally, we stay at locations that are off the grid, investing in local employment, with a commitment towards conservation and in harmony with nature.

may challenge your comforts. 
what you discover outside that zone, 
could change your life forever.


open your mind to what you can offer and see what magic the planet gives back to you.