welcome to the philippines

join us for a once in a lifetime expedition to a remote, wilderness paradise.

Danjugan island

Dec 2 - 9, 2017

For the second time this year, we will return to the Philippines to create positive change in some of the most pristine, undeveloped places. Join us for a week of cultural delight, natural phenomena and an opportunity to connect with amazing people celebrating the natural world.

VOPO expeditions, conceptualised to address social and environmental challenges around the world, bring skilled humans, adventurers & change-makers together for an experience like no other.


It is our mission to "curate extraordinary expeditions that enhance Earth and self".


who should apply?

VOPO expeditions invite applicants from all walks of life. Whether you bring multiple qualifications, practical experience or enthusiasm, we extend this experience to everyone.

One critical factor is openness. Danjugan is a self-sustaining nature sanctuary. Reliant on solar energy and predominantly rainwater sources. Together we embrace the simplistic beauty of life. You won't get high-speed internet, but you will access a new world of connection and insight.


Enjoy sunrise yoga by the lagoon, guided treks, exceptional snorkelling, free/scuba diving with native guides. You will be fed local, delicious cuisine across the day, before mesmerising over the stars at our private island bar.

Immerse yourself in our highly informative Brainmelt workshop series, understanding ecology, sustainable design and human psychology as we share ideas, capture data and together develop a critical waste strategy for the region of Negros Occidental.

Apply for detailed itinerary and FAQ's.


It may challenge your comforts. 
what you discover outside that zone, 
could change your life forever.


open your mind to what you can offer and see what magic the planet gives back to you.

VOPO Expedition: Palawan photos captured on film by our goddess in residence, Jesika Ellul @yezeka.