Wilderness Impact ADVENTURES


Our Expeditions were conceptualised to address social and environmental challenges, by bringing skilled humans, adventurers & innovative minds together from across the world for an experience like no other. The itinerary is designed to connect, intellectually stimulate and inspire new ways of tackling some of the worlds biggest feats. All in a pristine setting with the wisdom of locals and curious company who are eager to dive deep, get exploring and bask in the glory of nature.



The philippines

9 Days   |   Manila to Dumaguete
1 - 9 Dec, 2017


9 Days   |   Coming soon
June 2018


10 Days   |   The Mentawai
23 Mar - 2 Apr, 2018


9 Days   |   Coming soon
September 2018


The process


Behind the scenes, we spend 6 to 12 months scouting, engaging, researching and designing your next expedition through in-depth partnerships.


Check out the adventures, select the one that suits you best. Our tailored expeditions accommodate to unique requirements.


Take an epic adventure with a team of global pioneers to some of the worlds most naturally abundant and culturally diverse places.


Meet local leaders in sustainability, collaborate and work with the team to create a solution to a pressing challenge, fast.


What will you go home with?

A once in a life time and memorable adventure, a global network of fearless change makers and the tools to solve social and environmental challenges using our Brainmelt method.

locally sourced

While each expedition varies in cost, we endeavor to make each as accessible and equitable as possible. We understand that the people within the communities we work with may not be able to financially access of our expeditions. It is imperative that we integrate the local community through the entire process of our expeditions to create meaningful, impactful and actionable change. Therefore, we open fully sponsored scholarship positions to locals for each of our expeditions.

We aim for our local scholars, after extensive post-expedition training, to become Expedition Leaders and drives of positive change in their own countries.


We’ve got your back. Reach us if you have any questions.