Series 1. SHAAARKS

join us for The Brisbane Brainmelt 2017.

biannually, across the globe, Brainmelt events present diverse insights to inspire you and the tools to equip you to create radical solutions to the Ecological challenges we present.

On Friday June 16, VOPO invites you to invent solutions with us, that evolve current shark mitigation strategies, to support both human-beings and our marine ecosystem.

The Brainmelt is a conference with a hackers twist. Bringing people together from different industries. Designers to entrepreneurs, engineers, artist and environmentalists to academics. With the purpose of inspiring connections and creating solutions to some of the world's most pressing challenges. Plus, wine.



key speakers

A panel of speakers from diversified backgrounds will provide you with
great insights into the issue and potential tools to use.
More speakers revealed next week!



In the relentless pursuit of a better tomorrow, today's pioneers see the world not as it is, but as what it could be. How do you create innovative impact in a sector that favours tradition? We will present a series of speakers, workshops and activities that will activate and open your brain ready for solutions. 
Finishing with the Pitch Off, including prizes and investor opportunities for the most viable solution.




One heck of a day

We are bringing together an incredible variety of industry experts, plus the opportunity to expand your network and skillset. Our afternoon workshop is proudly brought to you by the award winning design school, AUXILIARY

Climate Sensitive Event

The entire event, from food, drinks to collateral, will be designed to be climate sensitive. It is our commitment through our partners to make this event Carbon Neutral, thank you to our sponsors!

Location. Location.

The Brainmelt will be held at Sirromet Winery, a state of the art production winery surrounded with lush native vegetation. The region is also renowned for its convenient access to the lust-worthy Stradbroke island.

Pitch or Die

Present your idea to a panel of experts and investors for the opportunity to showcase your skills, gain potential partnerships and perhaps lock in one of our incredible prize packs.



We recommend kicking back and exploring the region post event.
Here are some of our favourite accommodation options, showing off the Redland's area, the gateway to Moreton and Stradbroke Island.



 inc. Scrumptious food, wine & VOPO goodies




Renowned for award-winning wines, with an emphasis on sustainable production. Sirromet Winery sits within the picturesque Mount Cotton region, surrounded by natural landscape, much of which is re-vegetated by the organisation. Tesla charging station on-site for the green at heart.

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