BrainMelts are unique 36-hour long events focused on solving a single world-wide issue. From Engineers to Artists, from Scientist to Entrepreneurs, purpose driven people from a variety of backgrounds will come together to create prototype solutions to global environmental and social issues. With an opportunity to pitch the ideas to a panel of potential investors and officials. 

BrainMelt Byron Bay will have a unique focus on solving the Shark challenge from an environmental, social and financial sector. This theme was identified as one of several 


Is to give people an excuse to get together and build concoctions for a themed issue and to make this ideas come to life.



Deep Global Challenges

A single global challenge per Brain Melt.
This will help us concentrate in a subject matter, supported by data, What will you create?

Experts on Hand

Collaborate with industry experts to gain insights. Real-life, accurate and deep understanding can help you create a solution with real impact





A panel of investors will be 



19-20 May 2017

The BrainMelt kicks off on Friday morning with an introduction to the Shark challenge, the keynote speakers and drinks! Team will then work hard on the Saturdays and on the evening of the same day we will see the teams pitch their concoctions and see prizes.

at CAPE BYRON distillery

BrainMelt will be held at Cape Byron Distillery in Byron Bay. Surrounded by lush, verdant and vibrant rainforest, Cape Byron Distillery is gin company that is regenerating the surrounding lost forests. 



Carlos Rhee

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Catherine Peterson

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*Full LineUp COMING SOON...




1. Can I participate as an individual? I don’t have a team, but still wish to come along, can I do so?

We recommend that you work as a team at the BrainMelts. If you don’t have a team then we’ll help you to form one at a prelaunch event and on the opening evening.

2. What is the cost? And what does it involve?

Tickets are for the full event. This includes lunch, dinner, multiple coffees, teas and drinks all weekend!

3. Who owns what we make at the event?

You do.
All teams retain full ownership of what is created during the event.